• Diane Pebley

Will my quilt be given to a child in a hospital?

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Not all quilt donations are distributed to children in hospitals. But, those quilts that are must meet the following standards as these quilts are often cleaned daily in industrial washer and dryers. Quilts that do not meet the following criteria are distributed to children through other ministry organizations throughout Utah. Used quilts cannot be accepted.

  • 100% cotton fabrics help prevent static electricity around oxygen tanks

  • Low loft (1/4" or less) natural fiber battings help prevent allergens from becoming embedded in the quilt. 80/20, 70/30 blends are fine.

  • Monofilament thread (clear thread) melts in industrial washers and dryers. These quilts fall apart really fast. Please do not use clear threads.

  • Re-purposed fabrics can cause emotional distress when other children around them receive quilts made with new fabrics. Do not use re-purposed fabrics.

  • Quilting stitches must be no more than 2" apart even in the borders. This will ensure the quilt batting will hold up through daily wash cycles in industrial units. Whole-cloth quilts that are quilted every two inches are perfectly acceptable.

  • Binding must be attached by machine because hand stitching has proven unreliable through industrial washers and dryers. Our kits have instructions for machine self-bound binding.

  • Even new flannel or fleece quilts look used after they are washed. Since, all quilts are washed prior to being given to children, please do not use flannel as children’s hearts can be broken when other children receive new looking quilts made with 100% cotton quilt fabric.

Tied quilts, raw-edged patchwork quilts, those made with Minky and all other new quilts that do not meet the above criteria will be given to children who are not staying in hospitals.