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  • Diane Pebley

What kind of items does Quilts for Kids distribute to children?

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

The business model for Quilts for Kids allows each chapter to distribute all sorts of items from clothing and backpacks to stuffed toys. But, that does not mean each chapter has the logistical means to do so. Right now, the Salt Lake Chapter is capable of distributing quilts and draw-string bags made out of strong fabric. The draw-string bags are given to victim's advocates along with some of the donated quilts.

However, quilt donations fall into two categories: those that are given to children admitted into hospitals and those that are given to children through other organizations like foster care agencies. Quilts that are given through hospitals have strict requirements to prevent further medical issues and to prevent the quilts from falling apart when washed daily in industrial machines. This list of requirements can be found here.

New quilted donations presented to children through organizations other than hospitals can be tied and made with fabrics like cotton/poly blends or Minky. The reason flannel is not accepted is due to the fact that once it is washed flannel no longer looks new even though it is new. This can break the heart of children who see others get new items.

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