• Diane Pebley

Quilt Store Liaisons

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

Susan is our Store Liaison for Nuttall's Fabric Center in Murray.

  • Point of contact for all communications between Quilts for Kids and ONE quilt store.

  • Coordinate with a Quilts for Kids Facilitator to schedule one or two (no more) workshops held at this one store no less than six months prior to the workshop date.

  • Be the #2 in charge at all Quilts for Kids workshops conducted at that ONE store (training will be provided at workshops and board meetings).

  • Pickup finished quilts dropped off at the quilt store (year-round).

  • Inspect the quilts for pins and official labels

  • Attach labels when needed

  • Return quilts to the coordinator for further processing before distribution to the children

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