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  • Diane Pebley

Long-arm & Domestic Machine Quilters

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

  • Sign out quilted tops, batting (when available), and matching backs from the Salt Lake Chapter coordinator.

  • Verify an official QFK label has been sewn to the outside center of the backing fabric so the label is quilted into the quilting stitches.

  • Load the long-arm machine so that machine self-binding can be accomplished (a minimum of 1" of backing fabric around the entire quilt top.

  • Quilt any style and design you want while keeping the stitching a maximum of 2" apart and without quilting off the edge of the quilt top.

  • Bind with Machine Self-binding, (optional).

  • Bag quilts and label the bag so that we know YOU are the one returning YOUR SIGNED OUT quilts.

  • Return quilts and left-overs to one of our workshops or drop-off locations.

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