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  • Diane Pebley

Cool Stuff to Share

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

I've been asked several times where all the fabric comes from that goes into our workshop kits. The answer makes my heart leap for joy every time I get to share it. Everything we use comes from all the generous people who love to share their cool stuff that they no longer want or need. Should you wish to join in on the giving, the list below will give you an idea of what goes into our kits and workshop events.

  • Official Quilts for Kids labels

  • Low loft (1/4" or less) cotton or cotton blend batting crib size (45" x 60") or larger

  • 100% Cotton fabric

  • Unused patterns, gift cards, sewing or quilting notions etc. for our prize drawings.

  • Gift cards help us purchase the bags and printing needed for the kits and advertising.

  • Monetary gifts given at the "Donate Now" button above help us purchase the fabric, labels and batting we need. Be sure to indicate the Salt Lake Chapter at the end of the transaction so that your gift can be used here in Utah.​

This panel print came to us half assembled and long forgotten from the early nineties. What a blessing that the striped fabric which is just a couple years old had the exact same colors in it. I never cease to be amazed how it all comes together.

The polar bears were way to big for any of the pieces in our kits. But they coordinated wonderfully with 3 other fabrics from 2 other donations to make this large panel quilt.

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