• Diane Pebley

Chapter Leader

Sandy Schut

Sandy's love for sewing began in junior high school and has continued ever since. She learned at home on her Mom's White treadle sewing machine from a summer education instructor. Clothing for her sisters and herself were Sandy's first projects. Later, her children sported fine attire and other items from their Mom's loving hands.

In 1997, tragedy struck when one of her children suddenly passed away. A comfort quilt was presented to Sandy by hospital staff. Later, her loving husband suggested she take up quilting as a new challenge. Obedience to her husband yielded a newfound joy as evidenced by Sandy's dedication to making quilts for hospital bereavement programs all over Utah. As time passed, an advertisement for Quilts for Kids in a quilting magazine caught her eye. She ordered a kit and began sending quilts to their national headquarters in Pennsylvania.

Now, Sandy continues to pour out her heart for children in Utah and around the world through the Quilts for Kids Salt Lake Chapter. Her firsthand experience of tragic loss has been turned into comfort and peace for many other children and their entire families. But, it all started with one person's compassionate gift so many years ago which continues to be a cherished family heirloom to this day.

Sandy Schut, Chapter Leader

Diane Pebley, Assistant Leader

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