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  • Diane Pebley

Assistant Leader

Diane Pebley

Newly married, I sought to fill my time with volunteer work at a local hospital. The training was hard and long. But, eventually, they told me I was ready. My first few volunteer days were spent simply watching and cleaning up after the kids in the cancer ward playroom. 'What a wonderful way to teach children to stop putting things in their mouths,' I thought to myself as I watched their little faces knowing the day before I had sprayed their toys with an awful smelling disinfectant. Soon, a nurse asked me to visit a young girl who could not come to the playroom.

I fought to keep my composure for about 30 minutes before I had to find a private place to breakdown. No one had prepared me for what I had seen the moment I walked into the child's room. I cried all the way home. At home, my whole body shook violently as my husband silently held me until I was able to speak. After telling him what I had seen and heard, He lovingly told me it would not be good to continue volunteering in such close proximity to children.

More than 25 years later, Quilts for Kids allows me to love children in spite of my weaknesses. Thank you to all who make it possible.

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