That's how many finished quilts

comforted children and their families

throughout UTAH in 2020.

Thank you Salt Lake Chapter volunteers and contributors.

We could not have touched their hearts without you.

Salt Lake


We are all volunteers united to make comfort quilts for children ages birth through 22 years living in Utah. Children overcoming life altering disease, violent crime, and disaster receive these quilts for their very own possession.

Our workshops are open to quilters of all skill levels who know how to operate their own sewing machines. Kits are provided to begin at the workshop and take home to finish. Please provide the batting and thread.

Use our free designs to make quilts OR to assemble quilt kits from your own stash of fabric. Our free quilt kits can be signed out at one of our workshops. New quilts of any design and size may be dropped-off at one of these locations.

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Sandy Schut, Chapter Leader

Diane Pebley, Assistant Leader

the Leaders

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